Clear the Clutter

Less is more. Have a garage sale, clear off the counters and pair down on decor.

Home Staging

Beyond making sure that your home is clean, staging can be the difference between boring and stunning. Staging is a way to highlight your home's features and minimize drawbacks— allowing buyers to visualize themselves in your home. 

Make Repairs

Why wait? Start completing that To-Do list of repairs that may come up in the selling process. Need a contractor? We're happy to refer vendors that clients have been happy with!

Professional Photography

Hiring a professional photographer is a MUST in today's market. We're proud to provide and coordinate this service for all of our listings!

Hiring an Agent

Your agent should listen to your needs and understand the market in which you are selling a home. They should be experts in marketing, negotiation, transaction forms, and finance options, as well as have an understanding of technology and how it can enhance the marketing of your home. 


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